Back in the day, the younger Knowles [Solange] fought off one particular bully by letting him know who she was related to. “I wrote petitions to get this kid named Brandon out of school,” the “Losing You” singer told Angie Martinez of Hot 97 on Thursday, Nov. 14. “He was so obnoxious and was constantly kinda bullying [me].” But even after Brandon apparently called her mother [Tina Knowles] a “bitch” during a class trip, Knowles wasn’t seeing a change. So, who did she call up? Destiny’s Child of course! “So one day, ‘No, No, No Part 2’ had just come out,” she said of Destiny’s Child’s very first hit in 1998. “I [told him] my sister is gonna come here and you’re going to be really surprised who she is. I kept telling my sister and Kelly [Rowland], ‘You gotta come check this kid.’ Of course he wasn’t paying any attention to what I had to say,” she said. “They pulled up and I would never forget the face Brandon made. They were coming to beat him up. It was Destiny’s Child coming to beat him up. I loved it so much.